Kitch xecutive chef Jennifer Freeman tells Cool Inside this smoothie is made using fresh pineapple,

house-made apple juice, house-made coconut milk, frozen strawberries, unsweetened shredded coconut and a just a hint of vanilla.


“Have you been to Kitch Organic yet? Yes? Lucky you! No? You really should get over there as soon as possible!”

Red Hot Magazine

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Red Hot Magazine unabashedly celebrates the joys of local living in the two river area of monmouth county NJ – From the downtown centers of Red Bank and Atlantic Highlands to the vibrant hometowns in between.

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“(Kitch Organic) … staffed by partners who live locally and walk or bike to work” 

The Two River Times

“In a town that offers foodies just about every possibility to tickle their gastronomical fancy, Kitch Organic has a unique take on dining healthy and eating well.”


Kitch Organic – an eatery offering healthy meal programs, juices, cleanses, baked goods and cooking classes among other things – hasn’t even opened yet but has garnered over 1,700 “likes” on Facebook.

“With a skylight reminiscent of the Louvre illuminating the impeccable interior and a design-conscious herb-and-vegetable garden out back, the new Kitch Organic restaurant on Red Bank’s West Side would stand out in any town.”